Virtual Interprofessional Learning (VIP) with Terri Fowler, DNP


VIP Learning is an interactive tool that can take interprofessional education to a new level of experiential learning using state-of-the-art avatar technology.

  • 1) As healthcare becomes increasingly more complex, students studying to become nurses, pharmacists or physician assistants must learn and uphold the skills necessary to deliver safe, high-quality patient care.

  • 2) Research has shown that the use of avatars can enhance a learners’s perception, improve interaction, and motivate outcomes. By working through real life scenarios using gaming technology and avatars, VIP Learning aims to create an interprofessional, synergistic, team-based clinical, educational and research learning opportunities.

  • 3) VIP Learning can be widely disseminated to students in a variety of health professional schools who are not only physically distant from one another but also not even within the same university. In this way, this proposal heralds truly unique and advanced interprofessional educational opportunities that not only embrace emerging technologies, but pave the way for much needed new learning strategies for health care students and professionals. Chat between players and faculty

  • Chat between players and faculty

  • Players are forced to agree before moving to next step

  • Root cause analysis must be used to diagnose patient's problem

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